La Mer: Winter wonders!

 I don’t  believe frequently in the promise of  beauty brands when  they speak about  their “miraculous” creams or their “regenerating”sierum.

However, I also, very skeptical in terms of super powers, I had to reverse after have tried Crème de la Mer.

I state that my skin is obviously very young, and it hasn’t particular signs of aging. If I don’t  present, however, signs of aging, it doesn’t  mean that my skin is perfect, indeed.

Often in winter, my diet is not always perfect, the pace of work is not human and a lot of days of work very “stressful” – I do not like this term but I do not come more to express my days of 48 hours each – known that My skin shows dry, dull and especially visibly reddens.

For a long time I thought it was normal and that I could not do much.

Since I tested two products I had to reverse. The treatment lotion and the iconic creme de La Mer are  two formulas  visibly effective. The effects are so visible that as soon as I stopped for a one month treatment (always trying other products of a well-known brand beauty), I saw the skin back to being dry, not very bright and especially with those blushes typical stress not pleasant .

So I will not dwell through the history of this famous fashion house beauty because here would distract. I’m interested in something really useful advice and acting visibly already after the first few weeks of treatment.

If creme de La Mer produces these effects already on me that I have a young skin, I do not want to imagine what could create in more mature skin!

For this reason, this Christmas, I suggest everyone to give to mothers, friends or your partners, the treatment line of La Mer, a gift of style and above all effective. Because magic does not exist, but a major help some products the real losses, and this line is confirmed in full.

Follow me here on my web site as soon we will start with the Christmas wish list! More than 40 objects carefully selected to the tastes of all of you.

Have a good week-end!



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Photocredits: La Mer press office

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