Bulgari and the snake, symbol of eternity and knowledge

 Bulgari “Snakes” collection is one of the most popular signed by this  Italian/French jewelry house, and it becomes the most important collection not only for the jewelry line of the house but also for the leather goods collection, new cor business for Bulgari. 

The snake seduces women all over the world with its sleek and lightweight, along with its sense of eternity  and with its great mystery. This collection, located in the archives Bulgari for a long time, this year has seen the release of very special pieces, such as  the watches with the iconic tubas motif in different colors of gold, or the collection of high jewelry, which the choker with white gold case, entirely covered with diamonds is one of the most luxurious example of this amazing collection.
Very beautiful also the editions of Snakes  from the jewelry line; pink gold,  with diamonds pavè or the versions decorated with mother of pearl, onyx or tanzanite and peridot; the latest perfect to wear in the summer with gold skins.
The real  masterpieces in this collection, however, remain the watches of the High jewelry line;  true subtleties of embedding and decorated by hand. Entirely covered with colored stones (there are more editions with rubies, emeralds, diamonds, marine waters, blue and pink sapphires, amethysts and many others) seem to be very precious bracelets to be worn as a single piece, however, reveal a fine surprise: in fact the head of the snake is openable , and with a little “click” will shows its content. The weather is like enclosed by the eternal … A snake symbol of immortality and wisdom.


Bulgari Serpenti Edoardo Alaimo7


Bulgari Serpenti Edoardo Alaimo6


Bulgari Serpenti Edoardo Alaimo5


Bulgari Serpenti orologio Edoardo Alaimo 

Bulgari Serpenti Edoardo Alaimo1


Bulgari Serpenti Edoardo Alaimo2


Bulgari Serpenti Edoardo Alaimo3


Bulgari Serpenti Edoardo Alaimo4 

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