We are in October and the wind begins to be intrusive. An ‘air of renewal continues to characterize my days and this is expressed also by my look.

At the center of one of the most beautiful areas of Rome, Coppedè, I took these photographs with an outfit in blue color.

Coppedè is located within the larger Roman district  Trieste / Salario and features about 40 buildings designed by the architect from which it takes its name between 1905 and 1927. Among the most beautiful building is ” The Fairy villa” and more broadly the buildings present around Piazza Mincio, characterized by a large fountain with decors of angels and frogs. Very beautiful is also the great chandelier, that from  Via Tagliamento, “theatrically”, marks the beginning of the area.

If you will spend a day in Rome soon, I recommend you go from here.

Have a nice day


1abito 5


1abito 11


1abito 6


1abito 7


1abito 9


Fendi peekaboo men Edoardo Alaimo


1abito 10


1abito 12 b e n


1abito 13


1abito 3


1abito 18


1abito 16


1abito 19


1abito 20


1abito 21 b e n


1abito 27


1abito 17



I wear:

Loro piana gilet

Prada shirt

Armani jeans

Prada scarf

Fendi shoes

Chanel sunglasses

Fendi peekaboo bag


Photocredits: Chiara Santoro

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