Rare teas by Jo Malone

 Imagine a tea of the five, fragrant, intoxicating, from the impression deluxe to spray on the neck and neckline. A tea time signed by Jo Malone, egregious perfume house of English origin, which devotes an entire collection to one of the oldest rituals of the world, respecting the British value and refining it with the raw materials of the rising sun.

All fragrances of the collection, in fact, have as main theme the tea derived from Camellia sinensis, rare plant cultivated by hand in Asia, mixed with unusual and noble ingredients, reserving the quality but giving it a whole new character. Each fragrance is the perfect blend of simplicity and clarity, characteristics very dear to the brand , achieved thanks to the essentiality of the primary product and complemented in a trial which meets tradition.

The master perfumers of the brand have in fact recovered infusion techniques already very expensive to the art of perfumery but now little-used, to create fragrances that combine the tea gently rested in alcohol to unusual combinations, designed to enhance every facet . Here, then, that the cocoa powder and tonka bean underline the soft and creamy notes in Olong Tea or sesame seeds and yerba mate leaves accentuate the green and crisp scent in Jade Leaf.

A unique starting point for six results to match your taste and your femininity by wearing a unique and expertly crafted product wrapped in new packaging of course luxury. Flasks of Rare Teas Collection look to the design reserved for the brand colonies, but with a more streamlined and statuary silhouette made from shining facets conferred to the glass.

Retro, elegant, surprising and unusual, make of the new Jo Malone fragrances your beauty ritual.


Ilaria de Leonardis


RareTeas_Bottle_DarjeelingTeatif Edoardo Alaimo RareTeas_Bottle_Golden_Needle Edoardo Alaimo RareTeas_Bottle_JadeLeafTeatif Edoardo Alaimo RareTeas_Bottle_Midnight_Black Edoardo Alaimo RareTeas_Bottle_OolongTeatif Edoardo Alaimo

RareTeas_Bottle_SilverNeedleTeatif Edoardo Alaimo RareTeas_Lineup Edoardo Alaimo



Photocredits: Jo Malone press office

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