A Gourmet journey and the 1°st Summer dinner at Regina Isabella hotel in Ischia

Here I am back here at the  “Albergo della Regina Isabella” in Ischia ( NA ); this time, guest with me of the structure, journalistic writing “ iFood”, among the first National portals for food with recipes of all kinds and a particular focus on gourmet travel. The basic idea was to offering “tasting “ (just to stay on) to some members of the editorial team, the #MyReginaIsabella experience, and more generally, the island from the culinary point of view.

You’re probably wondering: What does Edoardo along with food bloggers? This is the secret: Starting this year, in addition to being an “ambassador” of the hotel through my travels and my experiences of luxury influencer,I have also become the Digital Pr of the structure, taking care to follow the relationships with bloggers, and influencers International online media.

But after this brief explanation, which seemed to me a duty for you, that constantly follow me for a long time, we back to our travel experience.

During these last days in Ischia, in addition to discovering very interesting gastronomic reality, including Pietratorcia winery, immersed in the green hills of the island, we had a very interesting tour through iconic sites and monuments; we had to guide us, an exceptional team,  Patyplus Tour. Important to the island’s reality, it collaborates intensively with Albergo della Regina Isabella creating for its guests, unique travel experiences, through the discovery of non-tourist places and very specific activities such as Archaeological Snorkeling (Did you know that under the sea Ischia lie numerous finds of Roman Period?) or kayak tours around the  Aragonese Castle.

We have lived in full the island, visiting the picturesque village of Sant’Angelo, and also the  Fisherman’s Wharf, just below the Aragonese Castle in the town of Ischia Ponte, where the fishermen are accustomed to return in the early morning with their small boats and selling fresh fish.

But during this trip, focused on food, we had the pleasure of  another unique dining experience: The 1st Summer Dinner of the season oat Indaco Restaurant at Albergo della Regina Isabella – 1 Michelin Star. Pasquale Palamaro, starred chef from 2013, has thus created a 4-hands dinner with Carlo Scotto, head chef of the famous “Babbo” restaurant in London city, appointed in 2014 like “Best rising star chef.”  The project of the Summer Dinners, now in its eighth edition, has, this year, the theme of the Italian chef in the world, “even more difficult task than we chefs who work in Italy,” said Pasquale Palamaro, because, in effects, the real difficulty is to understand and assess their creativity  in the  kitchen out of the “Beautiful Country”, for an audience of non-Italians.

However, this first Summer dinner, conceived at the scenic bay where the Indaco restaurant is located, surrounded by rocks, and lit only by candles, could only leave every visitor entranced. The dishes of Pasquale and Carlo then, a triumph of delicacy,  and Italian style in the world.

I leave you to the photos, and I invite you to always follow me on social … I’ll be back in fact to Ischia very soon with new style projects …

Good start of the week,




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Carlo Scotto - Red prawns tartare with gazpacho, tomato and basil sorbet, Quinoa cracker


Paquale Palamaro – Risi, ROE and lemon


Carlo Scotto – Black cod in miso, carrots purée



Carlo Scotto – Beef fillet, almond purée, artichoke millefeuille and stuffed courgette flowers



The Ode to Apple with Ravece oil and Nyangbo chocolate




I wear:

In the morning:

Valentino total look 

Hermès bracelets

Bulgari ” Bvlgari” rose gold bracelet

Louis Vuitton “Keepall 45” Damier Ebene bag

Loro Piana Swimwear


In the evening:

Carlo Pignatelli total look 

Santoni shoes


Photocredits: Alessandra Vignaroli 

Riccardo Sepe Visconti ( Food pictures)



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