#MyReginaIsabella: The 5 stars social experience around the Naples gulf

 A few weeks ago, as many of you have seen on my social channels, I was in Ischia, in one of the most important hotels in the south of Italy: Albergo della Regina Isabella, 5 Stars luxury where now I feel like at home.

Scenic terraces overlooking the sea, 128 rooms including 27 Luxury accomodations, 3 restaurants (one 1 Michelin star), a Grand Spa, neapolitan hand-painted floors unique in the world and especially peerless hospitality of the staff . Albergo Della Regina Isabella is the true spirit of Ischia.

Together with friends and Lifestyle influencers Paul Stella, Eleonora Carisi and Ivano Marino, I had the opportunity to live a real #MyReginaIsabella experience.

But what is it exactly?

 The well-known luxury hotel,  proscenium of international celebrities of the past and present (It is said that their Golden book is one of the richest and most envied by every hotel ompetitor), is not only one of the most qualified luxury accomodation of this  island, but it is a real travel experience. For this, the hotel has decided to launch this year the new #MyReginaIsabella project, a hashtag created on Instagram  especially for its guests and fans that allows you to share your photographic point of view (and not only) through social network.

The idea is to create a digital image gallery that, through Instagram tells, above all, the spirit of this hotel, and it’s really nice to see how everyone can tell and show a completely different perspective, immersed in the same place.

 The hashtag #MyReginaIsabella, is not only used to share photos taken inside the ‘hotel, but also outside, visiting Ischia, as is the hotel itself to promote for their guests, different and complete travel experiences, organizing tours around “the Green Island”, so named for the lush vegetation overlooking the mountains around.

Ischia is in fact known as the island near the sea, but actually has a territory and a truly opulent internal flora. From the native population in fact, Ischia is named “Island of the Earth” and  here gourmet recipes from more traditional country than that of the fishermen abound.

The Ischia Rabbit, for example, is the iconic dish of the island: it is a pit rabbit  cooked according to tradition with tomatoes, olives, onions and other spices, into a earthenware pot  (although I found that every restaurant or family of Ischia has a secret ingredient that adds during cooking) and served at the table still in it, like the popular tradition requires.

During our tour of Ischia, famous throughout the world for its many  thermal and healing  founts (just think that there are over 100 founts still active  on the island ), we could appreciate the beauty of some parts of the coast, find out more about some monuments, like the Church of Santa Maria del Soccorso (real gem for simplicity and beauty) and also visite really special stores; among them surely “Essence” rather than a perfumery a real olfactory space where it is done great research on absolutely unconventional fragrances.

You all know my task at Glamour Italia  as Beauty reporter and my knowledge in the beauty sector. Truly, I tell you  that I was amazed to find in Ischia so provided store. Byredo, Amouage, Nemo, are just some of the high perfumery signatures in this boutique in the heart of Forio, another town on the sea of ​​Ischia.

After the visit to the Poseidon Gardens, the most exciting moment of our #MyReginaIsabella tour was the tour of the Island with staff speedboat of “ Albergo della Regina Isabella”.

Together with Eleonora, Paolo and Ivano  I really enjoyed myself to pose with the rock background and blue indigo sea touring around Ischia and taking a bath off, with view of Sant’Angelo, iconic islet surrounded by the sea.

Now I have no doubt: this is my summer #placetobe.

And as he wrote the great Totò:

“Ischia, paraviso ‘e giuventù ,
Ischia, chistu mare è
sempre blu!
Chistu cielo ch’è
chistu golfo ch’è
nu vanto
chesto ‘o tiene sulo tu!
Sti bellizze songhe ‘o vero!
Chesto ‘o dice ‘o forestiero,
ca scurdà
nun te pò cchiù “.


( “ Ischia, Paradise of Youth,

Ischia, this sea is always blue!

This sky which is a magic, 

This gulf which is a pride

All this you have only you!

These beauties are true

What says the foreigner

Which cannot forget you.” )


Have a good start of the week friends!


Albergo della Regina Isabella Edoardo Alaimo1


Albergo della Regina Isabella Edoardo Alaimo2


Albergo della Regina Isabella Edoardo Alaimo3


Albergo della Regina Isabella Edoardo Alaimo4


Albergo della Regina Isabella Edoardo Alaimo5


Albergo della Regina Isabella Edoardo Alaimo6


Albergo della Regina Isabella Edoardo Alaimo7  

Albergo della Regina Isabella Edoardo Alaimo8


Albergo della Regina Isabella Edoardo Alaimo9


Albergo della Regina Isabella Edoardo Alaimo10


Albergo della Regina Isabella Edoardo Alaimo11


Albergo della Regina Isabella Edoardo Alaimo12


Albergo della Regina Isabella Edoardo Alaimo13


Albergo della Regina Isabella Edoardo Alaimo14



I wear:

Vilebrequin total look

Bottega Veneta Sandals 

Photocredits: Riccardo Sepe Visconti Photo editing: Alessandra Vignaroli


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