Essenziale Italy: Home fragrance becomes an icon

Everybody has a lucky number, a favorite color, and each of us will certainly bind to a memory, to a particular moment in his life, to a person, to a perfume.

Not long ago, surfing the Internet (many of you already know my passion for online shopping) I found the home fragrances brand Essenziale; I noticed them attracted by a scent that reported the number 6 on the bottle. The 6 as well as being my date of birth (07/06/1992), is for me a lucky number. Intrigued, I wanted to know more about this particular scent, discovering that every essence of “The Dream” line, the name of the collection, numbered 1 to 12, it is linked to a precise inspiration.

The number 6 in particular, represents the class and elegance.

 Simple coincidence or twist of fate? 😉

If you think about it, in the past, for the Pythagoreans, the numbers were the same key for interpreting the Universe.

The Essential line bases its entire communication precisely on the same memory that the fragrances represent for us and not only. Aromas 100% Made in Italy already express by the packaging all the Italian savoir faire in the world of perfume.

For holders of the brand, Giorgia and Gian Marco Zorzetto, two young but stubborn Venetians entrepreneurs, Essenziale today is a challenge for the Home fragrance market. Tired of the usual home fragrances proposals on the market, they decided to create a product that for quality, research and communications, became by itself iconic in its sector.

And in fact, if you think about it … Each of us has a unique fragrance for its skin, one that remember you immediately somebody or something; why not try to build a signature, a fragrance that immediately identifies their home?

The house, moreover, is not the environment that particularly speaks to us and tells us? It ‘s so nice to customize the seasons in their personal living spaces with the use of different fragrances.

Personally, after the number 6, so fascinating and rich (head notes of cherry, raspberries and almonds and a heart of Turkish Rose, Black Tea and Licorice) I personalized my home with the new fragrance created by Essential brand for summer; It is called “Starfish” and is a real summer explosion that brings to mind the sea memories, sand on the skin, the citrus …

Even if my holidays are slow to arrive so I console myself with a heady perfume that spreads throughout my house and my studio.

If you also want to find out your lucky number and then your perfume visit!

And to stay current on the brand, follow the Facebook page full of initiatives that involve us personally!

Good …and scented start to the week !




Essenziale Italy profumi d'ambiente Edoardo Alaimo1




Essenziale Italy profumi d'ambiente Edoardo Alaimo2


Essenziale Italy profumi d'ambiente Edoardo Alaimo3


Essenziale Italy profumi d'ambiente Edoardo Alaimo4


Essenziale Italy profumi d'ambiente Edoardo Alaimo5



Photocredits:  Essenziale official


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