Frank Muller: The Master banker watch

 Dear readers and affectionate readers, back from vacation, we continue to tell you about the fantastic watches, trying once again to surprise you with something special. Combining the technical description with a taste for beauty, our goal is to guide you by the hand in this wonderful world, putting aware of the major wonders that make it up.

We begin with a brief reflection: when we talk about something we are extremely safe, something we trust blindly, arises the expression “put his face.” So that’s just what happens with this watch, which not only puts his face, but the name directly:       Franck Muller!

For the uninitiated, the name of the Swiss Maison is not just a clever marketing gimmick, but the real name of the founder still alive, which in the recent past (1992) decided to found his own company, taking all the risks and the responsibility for that choice. Although very young (compared to other prestigious Swiss Maisons, boasting stories secular), the Franck Muller impose itself with models outstanding technical expertise and unusual accomplishment, as the Crazy Hours (of which we will speak in a future review) and just The Master Banker.

This model proposes the typical forms of the house showing a rectangular dial with sides partially convex, and draws its inspiration from the world of business related to the field of high finance. However, the timepiece is shown with a garment tends sports, with big hands and indicators indices quite pronounced that tend to play down the seriousness of the aforementioned excessive. The clock, however, hides a great novelty in the world of Haute Horlogerie, which appears to be the first watch ever built, which allows the simultaneous display of three different time zones, both adjustable from simple crown. To emphasize the international character of this model, we find in the dial engraved map of the world, who wants to symbolically break down all barriers and geographical ideal.

The watch is presented in various forms and with the choice of precious materials ranging from gold to platinum, and different background colors ranging from deep tones of navy blue to black to arrive to most daring solutions , such as the bright red .
In conclusion we can say that it is a watch worthy of a businessman, but that tends to play down its important role, without giving the class that sets it apart.








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