Cruise fashion shows 2016: Chanel, Dior e Louis Vuitton

Spring is the time of the arrival of a much-awaited moment and loved in the fashion world, or the submission of the shows Cruise, this time for the 2015/16 season.

Prestigious guests and choosing of the perfect place are keys for the show that the most iconic Maisons prepare in the smallest details because the end result is effectively mirror of brand’s style.

The setting chosen by Raf Simons for Dior was the beautiful French Riviera, always trendy, where the new collection young and daring paraded. Dominated by short lengths, bring with edgy ankle boots. A bon-ton gritty, in some models almost punk, in a skilful mix of contrasting elements. We see top in tweed on lurex pleated skirts, dresses in prints with strong materials, suit pants, shorts in jacquard. An eccentric touch thanks to fur stoles resting on swimsuits.

As for Chanel, this year Karl Lagerfeld has chosen Seoul to introduce its very current Cruise Collection. A line that skillfully blends a super modern style to a more classic, creating proposals suitable for all women who enjoy being glamour choosing timeless outfit. The collection, however, referring to a pop and colorful  atmosphere. The inspiration to the Corean culture was the point of departure of Lagerfeld to design this collection. “The materials are precious like the  patterns and lengths, both the eccentricity and color.  Accessories are impeccable.

The walkway of Nicolas Guesquière for Louis Vuitton was hosted in Palm Beach, in the prestigious “The Bob and Dolores Hope Estate” in which never before had played a fashion show.
A collection extremely chic and contemporary, that manages to be elegant even in the most daring and character choice ; bold colors and sharp lines, features and materials in balanced contrast creates an effect that could not be more right. All garments and accessories are “strong”, but always feminine and decided in a carefully designed set that is composed so well to have the allure and freshness of immediate selection.

Eleonora De’ Giorgio














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