Best wishes for the new year

This year was been full of positive and negative emotions, a year full of work, life energy, efforts but also with  joy and true satisfactions.

2014 was the year where I  opened  my new site that I hope with  you will go far. A site where I put into play once again revolutionizing the signature, perhaps a bit ‘reductive, of “Fashion blogger”, creating thus a new direction and a dynamic course of work that leads me to create, organize and produce ideas. I have started a  job that is expressed not only through a renewed template, but that emerges through a synergy of an extraordinary team.
This 2015, in fact is dedicated  first and foremost to all those people that work every day make this so rich and exciting.

Thanks to Chiara for the beauty of the pics where express my style, thanks to Eleonora and Roberto for the meticulous care to compose the editorials, thanks to Riccardo for the work that takes place every day following with me through my many social channels.

A very special thank you also to my partners to had been the possibility to work with them and to you, dear followers and fan that follow me with a passion that show me every morning.

Thanks is a simple word but it means so much that if the heart. The heart is a precious thing because beyond professional success, feeling is what really counts.








Edoardo Alaimo Damiani party1












Schermata 2015-01-09 alle 00.07.18 

Schermata 2015-01-09 alle 00.16.10


Edoardo Alaimo e Stefano Dominella


Andres Romo designs Edoardo Alaimo4







Photocredits: Alessandro Antonini – Chiara Santoro-Euroma2 official

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