For Christmas, an orange box signed by Hermès

 Christmas is arriving, and in these last days, in a hurry, I tried some curious present for my friends, but alas, it’s difficult to find something curious, elegant and glamour. I discovered, for istance, such at the fashion house Hermès you can find many trinkets as luck dices or pad-locks themed .With my friends Tati and Jessica we exchanged gifts before leaving, me for the East, in Singapore and they for the mountains. In these winter days not still very cold, I did a little shopping with them and we said how it’s nice to receive but also to donate, so, to make no mistake the gift for our husbands and friends we asked the help of an expert, a well-known fashion blogger, a connoisseur of beauty .Who? You know the answer because you are already in the site of Edoardo Alaimo, a special young man, a man of style, and so we are certain that our gifts will be unmistakable ….

Best wishes to all of you friends and friends who follow me, and a special greeting to you Edoardo!



Hermès carrè Edoardo Alaimo1


Hermès carrè Edoardo Alaimo2


Hermès carrè Edoardo Alaimo3


Grazia and friends wear:

Hermès total look


Photocredits: Piero Daffonchio


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