A scent of candle

 I always loved the smell that c I feel immediately when I’m  at home. But where does that wonderful scent of wood and vanilla, which relaxes me ,come from ?  The answer are The candles Fornasetti, located on the cabinet at the entrance  of my house.

The fragrances are wonderful home at every occasions. Someone use Jo Malone  scented macarons and vanilla candles to relax during the bath,  who prefer the Acqua di Parma candles,   intense and scented cologne, to create atmosphere, and people like me who can not stay without  the Fornasetti candles, with their porcelain vase that with various design (inspired by the archives of the brand) decorate the room in which they are placed, making it magical and welcoming.

As we approach the Christmas I thought it would be an ‘idea to introduce a selection of the best brands of candles for home fragrance. In fact, they are ideal for a unique and refined gift. personally, I usually give a small candle in the classic scent of Jo Malone “Lime and Basil” every time I’m invited to dinner …

Trust me : It ‘certainly more chic alternative of classic pastries of Sunday … the  House owner will appreciate!


candela Fornasetti Edoardo Alaimo2

Fornasetti candle ” Burlesque”

candela Fornasetti Edoardo Alaimo1


candela Fornasetti Edoardo Alaimo3



candele Jo Malone Edoardo Alaimo1

Jo Malone ” Just like sunday” candles


candele Jo Malone Edoardo Alaimo2

candele Acqua di Parma Edoardo Alaimo1

Acqua di Parma candles


candele Acqua di Parma Edoardo Alaimo2


candele Acqua di Parma Edoardo Alaimo3 

  Photocredits: Jo Malone official- Acqua di Parma official- google images

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