Aperitif at Villa d’Este

In the fall I love to go to various places near the  Lake of  Como, a short walk from Villa Oleandra, the luxurious villa of George Clooney. My favorite place is actually Villa d’Este, a historic hotel where they make you feel at home. I recommend you go to the restaurant La Veranda to enjoy the delights of the renowned chef Michael Zambanini. Among the specialties of the chef, my favorite plate are eggs with truffles, a dish of this season. During my aperitif here, where elegance must be sober and never predictable, I chose to wear a double-breasted velvet jacket by Chanel, from the 2008 collection prèt à porter collection , with jewels buttons in black beads and a Hermes Birkin 25 in African Niloticus crocodile leather.

Many of you have asked how I can wear always a different Hermès bag  in each post… Simple, or at least almost! I am part of a  special club: We are a group of  international women, lovers of famous French bands and then with pleasure, throughout the season, we organize events where we exchange our accessories and share them for various occasions. This particular  bag that you see in this post, so precious, it’s a model favored by Asian women and I was given to use from a Shiny, a dear friend of Tokyo, present in this club for about two years. Tomoko is a famous globe-trotter who often came to Italy to do some shopping and I enjoy to go with her, especially in Rome, in Via Condotti, where her keep an average of 500meters per hour … not bad!

In the next post I’ll try to reveal something more about my club; but I anticipate … It ‘Secret!





Birkin coccodrillo Grazia Pitorri-Edoardo Alaimo1


Birkin coccodrillo Grazia Pitorri-Edoardo Alaimo2


Birkin coccodrillo Grazia Pitorri-Edoardo Alaimo3



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