Shine is simple with Corum Admiral ‘s Cup Legend

 When it comes to high-end timepieces you can not fail to mention this famous Swiss fashion , a symbol of excellence and pure art of watchmaking craftsman ship reported .

This model is a real tribute to women and to its extraordinary beauty, which is reflected in a unique object, with the refined technical solutions worthy of the most complicated timepieces ever designed .
The Admiral ‘s Cup model itself already iconic is declined in this dress designed exclusively for her, which surprises more and more every time you look at it , because , although it may seem unusual , the clock is never like itself .
Let me explain better …

The absolute particularity of this timepiece is the dial that moves beneath the hands, letting appear , through a perfect game of empty and full and skillfully perforated edges, the date and the stunning moon phase self-propelled . The pearly dial engraved in radial arrangement is free to rotate and move allows you to bring up the day of the month and the phase of the moon , each time in a different point of the clock ; this particular mechanism is easily adjustable by the crown engraved with the typical key hallmark of the House. Very particular the portion devoted to the phases of the moon , and studded with stars and diamonds with a delicate black moon in mother of pearl below . The whole thing is set in the classic steel dial to twelve facets ( surrounded by 72 diamonds for approximately 0.58 ct ) with the same number of nautical flags , real appeal to the marine world to which the house is strongly linked to a union that has lasted several year old . The sapphire crystal on the dial has engraved the name “Corum” and the distinctive emblem ( which necessarily had to be affixed there , as rotating the dial, would appear in positions not consonant ), while the bottom lets glimpse the beautiful automatic movement (CO 384 patented by Corum ) with finely decorated rotor . The model is available in both white and black , accompanied by a beautiful satin strap with triple-folding buckle always beautifully engraved .

A watch that embodies all the femininity and sensuality of the public to whom it is intended , not to mention that aspect a bit ‘ peculiar and mysterious that makes people so much more intriguing and surprising . In a nutshell , the moon reveals her precious face, its most fascinating side , but also the most mysterious and as a famous poet remembered… “and suddenly it’s evening” !


Roberto Ponte

 Corum - Admiral 's Cup Legend 38 Mystery Moon Edoardo Alaimo1 Corum - Admiral 's Cup Legend 38 Mystery Moon Edoardo Alaimo2 Corum - Admiral 's Cup Legend 38 Mystery Moon Edoardo Alaimo3 Corum - Admiral 's Cup Legend 38 Mystery Moon Edoardo Alaimo4




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