Let’s talk about one of the most beloved brand of the fashion system worldwide: Louis Vuitton.

His creations are always original and iconic, are the object of desire for all fashion victims.
Always in tune with the times, each time it is able to renew the brand with success while maintain his style, Louis Vuitton is highly regarded for its entire production, but spelling his name we immediately think to all accessories and bags made by the fashion house. 
Among the many beautiful models, the most famous is certainly the line that includes under the canvas the print of the classic monogram, symbol of the brand.

The “Monogram” was born as a tribute to Louis Vuitton, creator of the homonymous fashion house, by his son Georges, and this idea was described in 1965 by his nephew Gaston-Louis with these words: “The initials of the company, LV, albeit intertwined, remain perfectly legible. To this is added the diamond. From the sides strictly concave detail that gives the form a distinctive character, and in the center the unmistakable from the four flower petals. From here, the flower is replicated in a positive image, and finally add the circle, containing inside a flower with four petals rounded contours. “

Today, the Monogram is the recognized signature around the world for Louis Vuitton, and in honor of the long path of innovation and collaboration between craft, art and design,the brand has created and launched the project “Celebrating the Monogram”.  

In fact, six iconoclasts have free choice to reinvent the Monogram, reproposing it in a series of creations suggested by their creativity and personal vision.

They are: Christian Louboutin, Cindy Sherman, Frank Gehry, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Newson and Rei Kawakubo, the biggest players in their respective fields, they have created very particular and iconic proposals, all to discovered.

Eleonora De’ Giorgio


celebrando il monogram Louis Vuitton Edoardo Alaimo1


celebrando il monogram Louis Vuitton Edoardo Alaimo2



celebrando il monogram Louis Vuitton Edoardo Alaimo3


celebrando il monogram Louis Vuitton Edoardo Alaimo4


celebrando il monogram Louis Vuitton Edoardo Alaimo5



Photocredits: Google images and Louis Vuitton official


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