The best accessories of the season meet the art…

In fashion is always fundamental  the research to the details and the care for the details to get a result of class and impeccable style.

For women it is important to stand out, and the best method to do this is to wear  a beautiful accessory; and at the first “ex aequo” we find handbags and shoes, the most beloved.

The world of fashion it offers several different types, often bold or very particular in the features, colors and materials.
We think that the beauty of these objects in both their elegance and facility to be worn everyday, they are “timeless” accessories,  that we have to preserve in our wardrobe and  we use them when we want to feel special.

We have made ​​a careful selection of the latest collections of the most important fashion houses, united this with the art. So the paintings of Mondrian, Kandinsky and  Monet become the perfect scenography  for the “must have”accessories of the season. Very unique graphics are so used to present you our idea of luxury accessory.

You’ll find sophisticated bags of all sizes from the bright colors to pastels and pump colors; booties and sandals with feminine high heels to affirm our concept of “Timeless”, featuring clear choices and essential in their refinement.

Eleonora Dè Giorgio


Pollock, the figure of the rush


From the left: ” Lady Dior” bag by Christian Dior; pochette “Knot” Bottega Veneta; jewel sandals by Jimmy Choo; fur key ring Fendi,suede boots Jimmy Choo; little bag ” Sella” from Tod’s collection, “Roma”bag handwoven by Bottega Veneta; decoltèe fucsia Jimmy choo; ” Alma” bag in monogram vernis by Louis Vuitton; black suede sandals with cuts Bottega Veneta; hand painted shopping bag by Burberry; jewel sandals by Jimmy Choo.


Monet, Garden Giverny

Borse e scarpe di lusso Edoardo Alaimo2

From the left: soft tweed bag by Chanel, ” Alma” bag from the runway collection signed by Louis Vuitton; 2.55 bag with frange from the ” Paris Dallas” collection by Chanel; pochette with gold chain by Miu Miu; little grey bag in crocodile and calfskin by x


Mondrian, color composition

borse e scarpe di lusso EdoardoAlaimo3

From the left: blue bag by Saint Laurent; keyring ” Bag bugs” with fur by Fendi ; violet bag with chain by Prada ; decoltèe in vernis leather with contrast heel and baguette bag in fur from the “Bag bugs” collection, all Fendi. Shoulder bag “Pandora” by Givenchy; decoltèe with ” Medusa” buckle signed by Versace; clutch ” Vanda” by Dolce&Gabbana.


On the cover from the left: Description available soon


Special thanks to Claudio Scotto di Mase for graphic design of this post. 


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