Always an elegant woman it is also due to wearing accessories that must be strictly right in line with his personality ,not too flashy, but not so minimalist.

One thing is certain to stand apart in the crowd even with only one bag is not for everyone. Many times I thought that even with a simple sheath dress or trousers with a plain jacket with a masculine cut and a Chanel 2.55 can be out without fail. Yes, the French fashion house that invented the famous handbag became a must in February 1955, has long been synonymous with the glamorous, sophisticated and above all feminine style. Just a few days ago interviewing my dear friend Princess Isabella Orsini de Ligne de La Tremoille I asked her how you love to dress up and she told me (I had no doubt about that …) who likes solid colors, and to come out in the morning with a walk in Paris,with her beautiful girls with a simple dress which combines a must bag, and voila’,that’s it ! Here you dear friends, I believe that a Chanel bag also not like this of the new collection “Paris Dallas” with fringes so particular, should go into your closet and should be worn only for output morning .Certainly the Métiers d ‘Art pre-fall collection by Karl Lagerfeld set in a drive-in was quite a sight in the show with the arrival of the designer precisely with the famous journalist Anna Wintour on a beautiful convertible car, and return to Dallas was nothing short of triumphant.

The nice thing though, of these mythical bags ,companions of many adventures is that they can be worn at the age twenty to thirty to forty , a Chanel is for a lifetime: grandmother buys it and borrows it quietly to the granddaughter. This is the fundamental reason for which a “sac” Coco must go into our family.




Chanel bag Edoardo Alaimo G.P.1


Chanel bag Edoardo Alaimo G.P.2


Chanel bag Edoardo Alaimo G.P.13




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