Welcome in my luxury world


Live surrounded by luxury, travel and explore place never seen before, stay in dreaming resort, in Rome city like in the others European capitals.

Inside the Penthouse suite,  and elegant pearl of the Regina Baglioni hotels company, started my new beauty project: www.edoardolaiamo.com

As an ‘ oasis where you can find refreshment, here your mind can find peace away from the frenzy of the world and the eyes are regenerated through screenings and glows without end. From the high-fashion to menswear, from jewelry to design, every detail is enclosed  inside a treasure chest ( o casket) that shows to you the perfect sense of universal beauty that goes in depth and never remains superficial.

This first editorial photoshoot,  shows clearly a renewed image where luxury is strongly present and never cried. A deep sense of “ethics in luxury lifestyle” to live every day.

Between elegant wood paneling and polychrome marbles, furniture design and sensational panoramic terraces with Rome like skyline, I can enjoy this magical atmosphere that this capital shows from every window and I just have to aim for the horizon. A ‘horizon symbol of the future continually in progress, an indication of a continuous moving forward.

Since the opening of my first website in 2010, a route has been marked; today with the support of  my team, my journey continues, to communicate, to imagine, to live together a sense of italian style,a country with great masterpieces and virtuous minds.


You are welcome



Edoardo Alaimo Regina Baglioni2


Edoardo Alaimo Regina Baglioni1































 I wear: 

Carlo Pignatelli total look 

Salvatore Ferragamo accessories

Ansuini 1820 High jewelry collection


Special thanks to: 

 Hotel Regina Baglioni

Marco Gentile factory beauty concept

Anita Lo Mastro, partner di The Excellence Magazine


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