I lived a very shining experience in my beautiful island, the magical Sicilian atmosphere that catched me every time that I come back to the place that I love at the first.

One of the most luxurious party of the summer was hosted by Martines jewellery, organized with the collaboration of one of the most important houses of fine jewelry in the world: Damiani.

Damiani was born in Valenza ninety years ago, which still remains the true Italian home of the magnificent signature; entirely made in Italy and national owned.

The event was organized to present the new collection  “Damianissima”.

This line is characterized by beautiful and original jewels, the materials choosen are gold, diamonds and colored enamels. It’s a very refined collection for the summer season, fresh and brilliant in its uniqueness and sophistication.

Also exposed during the opening exhibition, pieces of rare and beautiful making; Australian pearls, precious stones, the timeless diamond ring in various sizes and models. Dazzling the Sophia Loren line’s bracelet, famous actress and historic “muse” of the maison; testimonial of the most fabulous events signed Damiani.


Edoardo Alaimo Damiani1


Edoardo Alaimo Damiani2


Edoardo Alaimo Damianii3



Edoardo Alaimo Damiani4


Edoardo Alaimo Damiani5


Edoardo Alaimo Damiani6



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