A unlucky Hermès’ Kelly…

I remember as if it were yesterday when I saw the first Hermès Kelly; I was traveling from Brussels to Milan with the known wife of a famous Piedmontese industrial of confectionery sector and there, only fifteen years old, I decided that sooner or later I would have owned one. It was love at first sight with this bag very chic but also practical, as few elegant, a must in short, that after a few years it became a part of my wardrobe. But, differently from many women who have really a great care of these precious objects of leather goods, in the course of my life I have to admit that my companions in many journeys, the Birkin, the famous Lady Dior or Chanel 2.55, I have not treated so well.

Let me tell you an anecdote of which I laugh now, but there and then I was almost crying (and who has a Kelly understands me). It was an evening in late August, the weather was unstable but anyway I decided to go to a Ligure village to interview Antonio Ricci, the owner of the well-known program of Mediaset  “Striscia la Notizia”. There succeeded,  as he was always friendly but a little later while talking amiably, broke the Flood: Mister Ricci shielded himself with a carton of those are used for storing the fruits but I started running through the streets with my Kelly 28 light brown coloured, purchased years before in the new Hermès boutiquein Barcelona Paseo de Gracia.

Seeing that the time had more and more the characteristics of a real downpour, I asked a fellow journalist to lend me a plastic bag, heedless of the fact that there were in the same emerald green crepe paper ….. well, indeed evil … because shortly thereafter, running from one lane to another to seek shelter, I found myself with my beloved Kelly completely green! What to do? I didn’t lose heart, I went into a nearby pharmacy and asked if they had a toilet and if I could use it; the nicest owners agreed, and with great astonishment they saw me with a lot of water, sponge, soap to remove stains from the bag and asked me in disbelief: “Excuse me, but is it a real Hermès Kelly that you are washing as it were a few crocs!?”

Oh yes …. I washed it and it became again a bit more beige, but the next day I sent it in Faubourg St .Honoré from where they returned it as new. A tip? Always carry raincoats that the French
fashion house includes in its famous orange boxes, and although I advise you to wear these accessories easily, make sure that the sun is out there!!!


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