India in the city



Last  july in Milan I lived the big emotion to be a fashion stylist for another time.
During my summer course in IED I met Sana Manglani, a very beautiful Indian girl interested in art and fashion. When I saw her , I understand immediatly that she was perfect for a special project for my blog and so it was.
” India in the city ” wants rapresents an identity rediscovered in a completly different athmosphere…
So… The Indian style lives in Milan. Occident and Orient stay together, to relate a rich story of tradition and culture, an opposite vision  and an incredible style that lives in each picture to show an high message of Fashion and beauty .
Tell me your impressions
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Sana wears:
 In the first photo: Angelo vintage dress, Fendi scarf and Indian handmade jewels.
In the second photo: Yves Saint Laurent leopard scarf ( used like a sahari ) Prada and Hermès scarves; Indian handmade jewels.

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