Travel in Mongolia

 Dear friends here I am, well back from summer holidays! Are you ready for a new fall season full of novelty and glamour details?

This warm and beautiful summer I spent a bit ‘in the Mediterranean and then I decided to visit a country, Mongolia, that, from the point of view of tourism is not yet well known but, believe me, has an infinite charm.

It is a land of wide open spaces, from the boundless prairies to the magical Gobi desert to alpine areas near to Siberia. As you who follow me for a long time know, I never give up to find even in places off the beaten track more commercial a nerve center shopping. It ‘so in fact that even in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, in the central square Chinggis Khan, I was able to make purchases in the beautiful Louis Vuitton boutique in Central Tower and still go for cashmere to Goyo and Gobi, two well-known Mongols brands, because here the breeding of goats that give this soft wool is one of the main traditional activities. It is a country that is still developing, after a past linked to the Soviet regime it is slowly opening up to Asian markets and beyond, modernizing but keeping alive the Buddhist soul that surrounds him.

It was great to visit some temples such as “Erdene Zuu” at Kharakhorin where the prayers of the attentive and curious monks free your mind and make you realize the value of a smile. I slept in the tents of the steppe, the famous “ger”, small circular structures that resemble those typical of the circus but at the sometime functional and very comfortable, representing the emblem of Mongolia. In fact it should be remembered that about a million and a half people crowded the capital but the rest of the population is made up of a nomadic ethnic and proud group that move with these tents across the country following the various pastures, depending on the weather or the amount of livestock owned. It was interesting to visit these homes, basic but colorful inside and staying in constant contact with horses and camels, as well as to make alternative routes to the slopes by jeep.

For the occasion, I brought with me a very practical bag by Hermès, the “silky bag” which, if necessary, I put away in suitcases larger, used to move from the fabulous Gobi Desert to Lake Khosvgol, on the northern border with Siberia.
It was a unique journey, full of real emotions like these simple people, but very elegant and above all authentic. Their clothes are really special and source of inspiration for designers.
Now that I have acquired the right mental boost, I am ready to leave for an exclusive foray at the Film Festival in Venice, a city that brings with it the secrets of Marco Polo from their distant land Mongolian.


























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