Tag Heuer for men:Monaco Ls Calibro 12 watch

I’ll be honest with you, dear readers, I wanted to wait a while to open up and reveal all of which were my personal tastes and my favorite models in the field of Haute Horlogerie. I therefore believe that the time is finally ripe for exposing myself more and show you one of the pieces that I believe represent a very high point in the field of modern watchmaking and in parallel, a personal sentimental value very high.

The reference Monaco, brings back memories for connoisseurs, unique patterns and iconic Tag Heuer that have marked the history of watchmaking, and that are related to legendary figures that have been carved into the collective memory. With this watch the house had already arrived at very important level, with difficult achieved before by models with square case and similar technical and stylistic details. The Monaco Ls Calibre 12, is a new guise (while maintaining a close connection with its “big brothers”) entering a straight leg into the new millennium, leaving stunned by the beauty of forms and for technological improvements to its internal that make it one of the top models of the house. A watch that can definitely be defined as “strong” and “decided” that drops some compromises; suitable for those men who do not like mincing words, that know what they want from life and how to get it.
We’re talking about a mechanical chronograph with automatic winding of exquisite workmanship, with a difference really unusual in the world of watchmaking: the linear system. This sublime system allows the display of seconds in a new vision, horizontal, diagonal lines where two different chase marking the scan time. Same solution is adopted for the calendar with red detailing that mark even more strongly masculine character of the timepiece. The watch is resistant up to 100 meters, with domed sapphire crystal and anti- scratch stainless steel case defined by gorgeous leather strap with a special locking mechanism that ensures maximum comfort.

That famous actor in his film Le Mans had made us all dream, revealing to the public what were the distinctive characteristics of a true hero (or antihero) modern, with on wrist the ill – famed Monaco. Today, with this new model, a bit ‘nostalgic we remember the past, but we are proud to bring an object to the wrist with a wonderful story that takes us back once again renewed, but without betraying its noble origins.

In life “reckless” or quiet of all day, reading time, we will feel a bit ‘all such as modern, rebellious and fascinating Steve McQueen!

 Roberto Ponte


 Tag Heuer Monaco watch Edoardo Alaimo1


 Tag Heuer Monaco watch Edoardo Alaimo2


 Tag Heuer Monaco watch Edoardo Alaimo3




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