The super chic Arabia of Giada Curti

From Paris to Rome, haute couture is tinged with the colors of the desert and Arabian geometries; so the collection of Giada Curti unmistakably marks a transition to new destinations and markets for Italy and its fashion know-how : the United Arab States at the first.

“Shukran” that in the Arabic language means “Thank You”, is a capsule collection that Giada Curti created as a tribute to “her” Dubai, the city where will opens soon her international boutique.

In an elegant salon, including iridescent chandeliers, mirrors and crystals, ten models sfilano and at the end of the fashion show that will rest on mirror pedestals as vestal virgins, which help the users to discover the taste of beauty so dear to Giada Curti.

The style of this Italian designer remains in the romancism of the fabrics (organza and silk satin), in the lengths and the proportions. One of my best piece is the rose dress inspired by the “Dior Look”, with tight bodice waist and bulging sides, softened by long yards of tulle in several layers.
Wise processing of embroidery craft, such as the first white dress, fully adorned with precious Swarovski crystals.

Attachment icon is the turban, which Giada Curti has skillfully detached from an exclusively Arab culture, and embellished with bright stones and fits in perfectly to tissue and shape to every outfit from the collection.

We don’t have to be always “avant-garde” to conceive of a haute couture collection with a great value …
It ’s nice indeed rediscover the talent of the Italian craftsmanship without resorting to strangeness that isn’t matched to an authentic level of high fashion.

Down for you all pictures of the collection and a special video where with Ginevra Ansuini, my elegant partner for my video productions in collaboration with High,  show you the collection and  Giada Curti’s interview .


Enjoy !




Giada Curti Shukran Edoardo Alaimo1


Giada Curti Shukran Edoardo Alaimo2


Giada Curti Shukran Edoardo Alaimo3


Giada Curti Shukran Edoardo Alaimo4


Giada Curti Shukran Edoardo Alaimo5


Giada Curti Shukran Edoardo Alaimo6




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