Tailoring and on-line live together: Was born Natural Gentleman

 Today male elegance and tailor made craftmanship can live together with on-line shopping experience of  Natural Gentleman, a new Italian start-up society, in the full of its development process.

Natural gentleman permits to the modern man to order very easily his tailor made suit ( we are speaking about high tailoring with Reda and Loro Piana tissues) taking the misure in a temporary shop but having all facilities of a on-line shopping experience.

For all June, at Via Fontanella Borghese n 56 in Rome city ( Angolo with Largo Goldoni), you can visit the Natural gentleman temporary store where you can choose the model of your jacket and suit, take the measure across the expertise hands of professional tailors, and touch physically the quality of its large selection of tissues.

After that you taked the measures, you will have an account and a password connected to the web-site of the company (www.naturalgentleman.com) and from the second order onwards, you could do it easier from you home, because you should chose only the refinements of your suit ( bottons, tissues, details) but you will have the security of a perfect fit. When your suit will arrive at your home ( about four weeks after your order), If will be some little difects on it, Natural Gentleman will pay for the reparation with your personal tailor, and if this will be not possibile, the company will recreate entirely a new suit for you.

A very unexceptionable customer service that shows the real attention for the customers and the security for your high shopping experience on the web.

I personally tried Natural Gentleman last week… Choosing a double breasted jacket composed with Reda tissue, and I don’t see the time to wear it in one of my best look.






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